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Heritage Heights is a four storey independent Senior Living Facility which currently has 61 condominium suites and amenities rooms. ( On the controls side there are approximately 120 physical inputs and outputs in addition to several dozen points from either BACnet or Modbus enabled devices including the main boilers and underground parkade gas monitoring devices. In addition to controlling standard devices including boilers, air handlers and dampers the building is heated and cooled by geothermal energy which added a fair degree of additional complexity to the system to take into account this available heating and cooling supply to maximize the reduction in energy costs. For this system a web enabled server was put in that allows multiple operators to view and change points on the system. The server provides an audit trail as well as allowing for individual logins for each operator. This system was also configured for remote access to allow the building operators to check alarms and set schedules from offsite. This system consists of two main controllers that each handle approximately half the building systems. Schedules can be setup for all building controls by the operator and all points and trends are saved to a database for long term storage. They are able to set and change schedules for temperature and air control as well as there are several remote thermostat devices that allow certain areas to have control of the individual heating and cooling requirements.

Heritage Heights ? South Country Village
Medicine Hat, AB

Mechanical Contractor ? Pad-Car Mechanical Ltd.
Period of Work 2010-12, Present