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Shirley Oshanek-Markov (31 March 2017, Updated 22 November 2017) - Amtech is saddened to announce the news of Shirley's passing on 2 February 2017. Shirley fought tenaciously with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer for six years before quietly passing away at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital. With Alex, her partner in life and business of over 41 years, Shirley was co-founder of Amtech and was the heart of the company's administrative, human resources, and strategic planning activities for over 20 years before cancer slowed her down. Shirley was proud of the organization and of the accomplishments of the Amtech team and is missed by everyone whose life she touched personally and professionally. In no small measure because of the strong foundation that she built for the company, the company continues to prosper and grow and has had one of its busiest years since opening its doors 27 years ago.

A Quarter Century of Engineering Services (1990 to 2015) - Amtech opened its doors for business in the aeronautical engineering and certification area in 1990 as Amtech Consulting. Incorporated in 1991 as Amtech Aeronautical Limited, the organization has steadily grown into its three current core business areas of aeronautical engineering, defence, and automation / PLC's. Amtech proudly celebrated its first quarter century in business with a gathering of clients, employees, associates, management, suppliers, and friends in Medicine Hat, Alberta at a special dinner at the Medicine Hat Lodge and Convention Centre in December 2015. As we start our second quarter century, we look forward to continuing to serve the engineering needs of our current and future clients.


Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Super-Lite Avionics Upgrade (31 August 2017) - Amtech design and certification personnel working with Viking Air Limited (VAL) achieved Transport Canada certification of the Super-Lite Avionics Upgrade on the VAL DHC-6 Series 400 (Twin Otter). Super-Lite is a simplified configuration of the Honeywell Primus Apex EFIS that can be used by operators of the aircraft on operations and routes that do not require the full capability of the Phase 2A Avionics Upgrade. Work is ongoing with VAL for validation of the Super-Lite Avionics Upgrade in a number of foreign jurisdictions.

Amtech's Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Design Approval Organization (DAO) (24 June 2016) - Amtech is pleased to announce the addition of four Designate's (DE's) to Amtech's TCCA DAO 02-C-02 as follows: Chris Pavle (DE 06) (Structures and Mechanical Systems and Equipment), Ian Fraser (DE 07) (Structures, Interiors, Mechanical Systems and Equipment, Flammability, and HIRF and Lightning), Garnet Karvonen (DE 08) (Mechanical and Electrical Systems and Equipment, Systems Safety, and Structures), and Leanne Elsliger (DE 09) (Flammability and Structures). Amtech's DAO now has seven active DE's with extensive design delegation for fixed and rotary wing Normal, Commuter and Transport Category aircraft.

Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Phase 2A Avionics Upgrade (6 January 2016) - Amtech design and certification personnel working as part of an integrated Viking Air Limited (VAL) engineering and certification team achieved Transport Canada certification of the Phase 2A Avionics Upgrade on the VAL DHC-6 Series 400 (Twin Otter). This upgrade includes upgrades to the Honeywell Primus Apex EFIS for integrated primary flight displays, a flight director and a three-axis digital autopilot as well as a number of other optional capabilities including dual flight management systems, synthetic vision, ADS-B out capability, SBAS GPS with LPV approach capability, and a 512 Word FDR. Work is ongoing for validation of the Phase 2A Avionics Upgrade in numerous foreign jurisdictions including the FAA, EASA, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and others.

Helicopter Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) (4 March 2015) - Amtech DAO personnel assisted Aero-Dyne Repair Services Ltd. of Olds, Alberta in obtaining a FAA STC as a validation of the Aero-Dyne TCCA STC for the HPMS installation on Bell 407 rotorcraft. Amtech has worked with Aero-Dyne in obtaining HPMS installation approvals on a variety of rotorcraft.

Sagem Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS) Installation on Bombardier CL-215-6B11 (CL-215T) Variant) Aircraft (27 February 2015) - Amtech's DAO has worked closely with Conair Group of Abbotsford, British Columbia to obtain a Serialized STC for the Sagem ICDS. The most recent update to the STC includes incorporation of updated Sagem software for the ICDS.

Flight Data Acquisition and Storage and Transmission System (FAST) (20 February 2015) - Working with Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc. and Pratt & Whitney Canada, Amtech obtained a STC for the installation of the Pratt and Whitney Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System (FAST) on Agusta AB139 / AW 139 rotorcraft. Follow-on work is underway with Pratt & Whitney for adding additional functional features to the installation.

Searchlight Installations, Airbus (Eurocopter) AS 350 Rotorcraft (2 January 2015) - Working with Meeker Aviation of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Amtech has a searchlight installation Transport Canada STC and associated installation kit for a variety of search light models on the Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter) AS 350 rotorcraft (various models). The STC is validated in a number of foreign jurisdictions including the US Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Mexican Aviation Authority and the Brazilian Aviation Authority.


** UPDATE ** Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada (22 June 2020) - Amtech Aeronautical Limited (AAL) under Amtech’s Military and Automation (AMAS) Division has acquired the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) detection and collection assets of Dycor Technologies Ltd. (DTL). The deal, which closed earlier in the year, moves the assets, including associated intellectual property and “know how” into the Amtech Group of companies. Assets acquired include expertise, software, detection / collection products, and an aerosol exposure test chamber.

President Alex Markov indicated that the acquisition is expected to leverage Amtech’s existing systems integration capabilities, including expertise in test chamber development, integration and operation, and in advanced automation with the DTL technologies and expertise for the detection and collection of aerosols and vapours. We are excited to move these technologies into Amtech and anticipate growth in the military and automation systems business areas of the company will result in both the services and products areas. We are also pleased to note that as part of the deal to bring these assets to Amtech, we will have the support of a number of experts at DTL that will facilitate a smooth and orderly transition.

Defence R&D Canada Suffield Contracts (31 July 2015) - Amtech, since 1995, has supported defence R&D at DRDC Suffield (formerly Defence Research Establishment Suffield) in a variety of areas including explosive physics, CBW defence / protection, tele-operated and autonomous vehicle technologies, and counter-IED technologies. Recent contract awards include a contract for maintenance and operation of the SEEC Chamber and a contract for Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Engineering and Technical Services. Amtech works closely with Suffield's defence scientists and technologists in supporting these contracts from our Medicine Hat, Alberta office and Systems Integration Facility.

Explosive & Energetic Device Trials (15 July 2015) - Amtech, working with senior scientists and technologists at DRDC Suffield has been awarded a multi-year year contract for providing professional management, engineering and technical services in the conduct of explosive & energetic device trials. The work will be conducted at DRDC Suffield on the Experimental Proving Ground. The work supports a number of Suffield national and international commitments.

Test Support for Suffield Experimental Exposure Chamber (SEEC) (13 January 2015) - Amtech has been awarded a follow-on contract for test support at the SEEC at DRDC Suffield. Amtech has had several contracts supporting the operation of the SEEC facility. Amtech was the prime contractor for the design, development and commissioning of this facility.


Accreditation and Dealer Accreditation (31 July 2015) - Amtech has extensive expertise in a number of automation and programmable logic controller specialized areas. We have pursued and obtained accreditation as Reliable Controls dealer in 2010 and as a Siemens Canada Talon VAP in 2015. We are also certified service providers for GE Fanuc systems and for LabView (National Instruments).

Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Canadian Forces Base Suffield (14 July 2015) - Working as a subcontractor for Amron Construction of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Amtech supports Amron water treatment automation controls work at the WTP and other facilities at CFB Suffield at Ralston, Alberta. Amron has recently been awarded a follow-on multi-year contract for this support through Defence Construction Canada.

Siemens Canada Talon Dealer (30 April 2015) - Amtech is pleased to announce that in April 2015 we became a Siemens Canada TALON Building Management System products dealer and service provider for Southeast Alberta.