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Walden Heights is a designated Senior Assisted Living Facility owned and operated by AgeCare ( From the two phases of construction there are currently 167 single unit living spaces on four floors as well as several common areas including a TV room, dining room, spa and lounge on each floor as well as a hair salon, laundry facilities and a kitchen. On the controls side there are approximately 130 physical inputs and outputs located throughout the building in addition to several LCD thermostats located throughout the building. The main operator interface is a touchscreen computer connected to the master controller located in the basement of the facility and subsequent slave controllers located in the mechanical rooms on each floor. Operators can access the system remotely and are emailed any relevant alarms. They are able to set and change schedules for temperature and air control as well as there are several remote thermostat devices that allow certain areas to have control of the individual heating and cooling requirements. Part of the control work included doing the lighting controls for the building in which sixteen different zones were setup that could be manually controlled or setup via an operator adjustable schedule.

Example HMI Interface for Air Handler

Walden Age Care, Calgary Alberta

Walden Heights
Calgary, Alberta

Mechanical Contractor ? Pad-Car Mechanical Ltd.
Period of Work 2011-12. Present